The course was better than I could have imagined! A lovely intimate group of people, lots of hands-on practise, interesting discussions, and a lot of laughs, new experiences and fun. Not only did I leave the course confident to begin practising sound massage, but a whole new world of sound was opened up to me. Thank you for an awesome adventure with sound! I will see you again!

Melissa, Melbourne


I played my bowl on Mouse (horse) today, Mouse can be really sensitive and overprotective of his body because he’s been badly handled in the past. I knew he would react well to the bowls. He went into a beautiful peaceful space instantly, Chica came over to see what was going on and he gentle nosed her away and I had the distinct feeling of him saying that this was very important business. He stood so still, with no halter on so he could walk off when he had had enough. And he absolutely loved it! He had trouble keeping his eyes open, he dropped his head down low and he was showing lots of signs of processing. Once he had had his fill he walked away slowly and I allowed him the freedom to make that choice because I think he is far wiser than me when it comes to his body! I sat down on a chair and after a few minutes he came round to me, face to face he looked me straight in the eye and we stayed like that for several minutes. Ive never had a horse look me in the eye like that before, it was really something very special. Felt like a mark of respect. Beautiful, beautiful Mouse

The dog is in quite a lot of pain with arthritis and some sore patches of skin where she lays down so much. She was very tense and was shaking a lot when I started her session, within five minutes she had stopped shaking and was happily snoring away. I just played the bowl in her auric field and on the ground next to her, thought it would be too much on her body as she is quite frail. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge 🙂

Niki, Perth


The training course I did with Alex and Janusz was excellent and very enjoyable. I loved the magic of the bowls and gong and their ability to transport people into a state of deep relaxation almost immediately. Though the massage is very gentle, its affects are both remarkable and profound. This too I find makes it very accessible and accommodating to a wide range of clients including those who may be in a vulnerable state for a number of reasons.

The teaching was clear and precise and both Alex and Janusz are warm and approachable and I immediately felt safe in the nurturing space they create together. They are passionate about their work and generous with their knowledge and understanding of the sound massage.

This course is extremely good value and I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates the value of sound and healing and wishes to incorporate this sound massage into their own work or anyone beginning anew who wishes to become a sound massage practitioner.

Mirella – Co Founder of BlueSpirit Yoga and Healing space, Leura, Blue Mountains


The course was run in a relaxed and organised way. Alex and Janusz complemented each other in their teaching styles as they shared their knowledge, passion and wisdom. Theory was balanced each day with plenty of opportunity for practise. The experience was enhanced by the beautiful setting in the Blue Mountains and the accompaniment of bird song as we played the bowls. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Georgina Halliday, Adelaide


Learning the Peter Hess Sound Massage Method has brought a deeper tranquility into my daily life. I found the training to be of a high standard grounded in science with very approachable trainers to guide you. Not only do you learn sound massage according to Peter Hess Method as a practitioner, you also get to experience the sound massage as a client feeling the benefits of the therapy bowls. Bringing you into a meditative state, regulating your breathing and leaving you feeling more centred with an increased self awareness, insight and clarity. The training in sound massage will not only change your life but also everyone who comes in contact with you and the experience of sound massage.

 Karen Newton; Yoga and Meditation Teacher.