Alex Andrzejewski and Janusz Urzykowski

Head teachers of the Peter Hess Academy Australia.

gong concert
Alex and Janusz

E: alex@peter-hess-academy.com.au

M: 0435 584 956

E: janusz@maranta.com.au

Alex & Janusz lead Peter Hess Academy Australia – the first English speaking Peter Hess Academy – since 2010. They are pioneers of the Peter Hess method in Australia and other English speaking countries. Both discovered singing bowls and went through their Peter Hess Sound Massage training starting from 2006 and achieved the practitioner level in 2009. After that, in 2010, they completed training for Peter Hess Academy teachers with Peter Hess in Germany , and since then they successfully run Sound Massage courses in Australia; also accepting students from New Zealand, South Korea, and UAE. Both Alex and Janusz are also practitioners of Deep-Cellular Music Therapy, adepts of Gong, and have studied with Tama-do. Both university educated and with business background, on their path to Peter Hess Academy Australia they took part in many workshops and courses around the world including: meditation, reiki, herbal medicine, yoga, gongs, mandala painting, Vedic painting, sacred geometry, aura healing and many others. Being convinced of the beneficial power of sound Alex & Janusz conduct group sound sessions using acoustic instruments such as: Peter Hess singing bowls , gongs, chimes, bells, didgeridoos, monochords, tamburas, drums, rattles and many others. Janusz is also a guitar player.


  • Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Practitioner
  • Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Lecturer for Level I to Supervision
  • Gong Training with Peter Hess Academy and Viriama Sound Therapy Institute, Poland
  • Peter Hess ® Self Care workshop facilitator, Peter Hess Institute, Germany
  • Deep Cellular Music Therapy Practitioner
  • Member of European Professional Association for Sound Massage Therapy


Ute Coleman

Peter Hess Practitioner and Teacher of Level I and II, KliK Practitioner and teacher.

E: soundrelaxation@hotmail.com

W: http://www.soundrelaxation.com.au

M: 0427 474 367

Ute was one of our Academy very first students in 2010 in Western Australia and teaches the Level I and II courses in Margaret River and Perth.

She opened up her sound practice in 2011 and has since been successfully providing individual as well as group Sound Meditation and Relaxation Sessions. She has facilitated various workshops, events and retreats for adults and children in Margaret River and the South West.

Ute has been working actively as a Sound Practitioner in varied professional fields, from kindergardens, primary schools, movement centres to dementia care and has been collaborating and exchanging experience, knowledge and wisdom with doctors, neuroscientists, nurses, doulas, physiologists, occupational therapists, school and day care centre teachers, caretakers in nursing homes, psychologists, holistic practitioners and counsellors, musicians, Pilates and Yoga instructors, body workers, other sound practitioners and people that feel called to make a positive change.

She continues to pursue her studies with the Peter Hess Institute in Germany as well as keeping up to date with the latest developments in Sound Therapy over there while visiting her family and friends on a yearly basis.

Her shared passion to create awareness about the healing power of sound and the vision to integrate the Peter Hess Method into the Australian Holistic Health Care System have led her to become an actively involved supporter of the activities around and a dedicated member to help build the Peter Hess Academy Australia.

The benefits of working with sound as well as the endless possibilities never cease to amaze her and she looks forward to sharing sounds with you!


  • Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Practitioner
  • Peter Hess ® Sound Massage, Senior Lecturer for Level I and II
  • Training in Anatomy & Physiology for Sound Massage at the Peter Hess Institute, Germany
  • Phonophoresis according to Hans Cousto with Roland Hutner, Germany
  • Gong & Monochord Training with Csongor Koelze, Germany
  • Peter Hess ® KliK-Practitioner and teacher (Sound Therapy for Children)
  • Peter Hess ® Sound Practitioner for Dementia



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