Sound massage training

The Peter Hess-Sound Method is more than just a method.

The Peter Hess-sound massage is at the same time:

  • the art of Basic and Individual sound massage with its diverse sound elements
  • the sound equipment of Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls
  • the principles of Peter Hess-sound methods that determine the attitude of the sound massage practitioners

The sound massage is inextricably linked to the following principles, which apply to all constituent sound methods and are taught and practiced in our seminars:

  • Attentiveness
  • Appreciation
  • A holistic approach
  • Less-is-more principle
  • Solution and resource orientation
  • Dialogical interaction

Training in the Peter Hess-Sound Massage

The internal and external harmony of a human is manifoldly threatened  by everyday stress in all areas of life. The Peter Hess-Sound massage is a very effective relaxation method: accumulated stress, everyday worries, uncertainties or blockages dissolve in the sound relaxation. This release makes a good basis for revitalisation and strengthening of the self-healing powers.

The sound massage based on ancient knowledge about the effects of sounds was already applied in the Indian healing art 5000 years ago.

According to the eastern concept, the human being originated from Sound, so it is Sound. Only while living in a harmony with himself and his environment, is one as a consequence, in a position to live his life freely and creatively.

In many years of research and practice, Peter Hess sound massage adapted to the needs of the people in Western cultures. Application possibilities extend from gentle but highly effective relaxation technique to the targeted application in medical and healing care professions. The results of Peter Hess’ work are passed on in training groups around the world.

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage training structure, course description and pricing

Since 2010 Peter Hess Academy Australia offers seminars, training in the sound massage. In a safe and relaxed framework our students have opportunity to get to know the method developed by Peter Hess and to expand  what they have learned.

The seminars are conducted by certified Peter Hess® method teachers, Peter Hess Academy leaders Alex and Janusz and our longtime friend Ute, and take place in selected venues across Australia. Here, you can create your own personal experiences with the sound massage in a friendly and casual atmosphere and have opportunity for an intensive exchange with other participants.

The seminar leaders provide qualified and informed support at every learning step.

For the first contact with the Peter Hess-sound massage we recommend for you to participate in an introductory course or the introductory seminar Sound Massage I.

For us at the Peter Hess® Institute it is a matter of the heart that our qualified sound massage instructors can offer the valuable method of sound massage safely and professionally. Depending on the needs and objectives of our participants, we therefore offer two variants for graduation as “Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners”.
Our basic training with 84 hours (in the overview, the brown boxes) is aimed primarily at people who want to use the sound massage in a private setting.

Those who want to professionally offer the sound massages or integrate into their professional field, can complete an extended, 100 hours training with us (in the overview the green boxes).

The extended training, which is certified by the European Association of Sound Massage Therapy e.V. (FV), complies with the high quality and ethical guidelines and the professional guidelines of the umbrella organization for health professions (FG) and is also certified by the Steinbeis University Berlin.

We offer you three different ways to graduate as “Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner”:

Note: Find out about the dates of the Sound Massage I, II and III + IV (including Final seminar with supervision). This gives you the advantage of self determining your education according to your needs and possibilities.

  • Select the four day Level I and II, followed by the the four day Level III and IV, and two day  (weekend) Final with Supervision.

  • Or select a seven-day Intensive training, followed again by the Final seminar with supervision. From our participants’ feedback we know that this form of education is seen as a particularly intense and stimulating. For a one week they are in sound space, a particularly recommendable experience. They remain involved in the topic and newly experience themselves. The intensive training is also offered at especially nice venues as “holiday courses”.


All forms of training are based on the standardised curriculum of Peter Hess-sound massage and include 84 lessons. Please note that three “educational sound massages”, received from authorised practitioners must be demonstrated before the Final seminar with supervision. Upon completion, the participants receive a certificate that entitles them to the professional application of the Peter Hess-sound massage.

Objectives of the training

  • Experience and learn the Peter Hess-sound massage
  • Mediation of methodology and didactics of Peter Hess-sound massage as well as their targeted and client – centred use
  • Responsible and creative approach to sound

Training contents

In various training steps you will learn the following:


  • Becoming familiar with and competent in handling of sound bowls instruments
  • Getting to know and introduction to the handling of gongs and cymbals
  • Experience and learn the Peter Hess-Sound Massage
  • Mediation of methodology and didactics of the Peter Hess-Sound Massage
  • Body sound perception and reflection (verbalisation) to integrate the experience
  • Strengthen own body and health awareness
  • Stress reduction and strengthening of own health
  • Learn many other sound elements for variation
  • Needs and solution-oriented use of the Peter Hess-sound massage for relaxation and health support
  • Training a receptive, attentive presence in interaction with clients
  • Training an inner attitude of intentionality
  • Dealing with clients processes
  • Establishment of a professional setting for the sound massage


  • Background knowledge of singing bowls and the development of sound massage and importance of sound in the East and the West
  • Basic knowledge about the mechanisms of sound working on the body, mind and soul
  • Insight into Peter Hess-sound massage research projects and the sound methods
  • Basic knowledge of sound work on different energy levels: Aura and Chakra
  • Principles of Peter Hess-sound methods
  • Professional and ethical self-image of the Peter Hess-sound massage practitioner
  • Limitations in the application of sound massage, which arise from the legal regulations and the individual professional education

Our detailed written educational material in form of booklets, complement the practical seminar units and provide you with an extensive background knowledge on the individual learning steps and topics.

Augmenting the seminar contents – practice in confidence


In order to deepen the knowledge gained in seminars, it is important to practice on your own. After attending all practical seminars, spend at least 3 months in a kind of an”internship”. During this time you should give as many sound massages as possible, because as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. During the training we discuss the need to “experiment” on a “practice client” in order to make use of safe practice conditions to better prepare you for your “real clients” later on.

In the Final seminar those practice experiences are discussed, reflected upon and actual cases supervised.

“Education sound massage”

In addition, during your “internship”, you should receive three (3) “educational sound massages” from authorised, professional Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioners. These sound massages are part of the training. Not only you can enjoy the sounds and relaxation in the new way, but also experience first hand, how a professional sound massage is designed. Real practical issues can be discussed in the following dialogue and the experience will be integrated into your own learning matrix.


The training ends with a “Final with supervision” workshop. In this seminar, our own practical experience and that of the other participants are reflected upon. This is once again a final assurance in giving the sound massage. Particular attention during the Final seminar is placed on the training of the professional self-image as Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner. The demarcation to clients is discussed,  boundaries of sound massage and own possibilities determined and  the legal framework together with organisational hints for advertising, acquisition and practice design, explained.

Graduates of the training shall be entitled to the name:

“Peter Hess-sound massage practitioner”

After attending all the training seminars together with Final seminar with supervision and the completion of three training sound massages the Peter Hess Practitioner logo will also be awarded. This is a seal of quality used to differentiate between other sound offerings

Important NOTE! In order to receive the certificate of qualification “Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner” you must submit the three training sound massages at least 14 days before the start of the Final seminar.

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