Peter Hess® Sound Massage – Level III and IV

Individual Sound Massage for body, mind and soul

Peter Hess Therapy XL Sound Bowl
Peter Hess Therapy XL Sound Bowl

Luxuriate for several days in a sound space, in beautiful, relaxed atmosphere – this seminar makes it possible.

So, not only will you learn something new, but also relax and recharge your batteries for your everyday life. The training is framed by sound meditations that contribute to the harmony of body, mind and soul and enable the integration of the acquired knowledge. Because it is designed as an easy learning method.

We intend that  building on Level 1 and 2 knowledge, participants of this workshop achieve competency in a secure, targeted and client-oriented application of sound massage for relaxation and health promotion. The needs and problems of the clients are taken into consideration in a custom designed sound massage. You will learn new sound elements, integrate  them into the basic sound massage and experience their effect in a holistic sense.

Furthermore, we discuss the application of sound massage for relaxation in the light of certain diseases.

Relaxation is one of the most important foundations of health and burnout prevention.

Part of the course is devoted to exploring  professional approach, safety of the treatment, understanding of the practitioners role in relationship with the client, defining the limits of the sound massage and it’s legal implications. Setup of the sound massage practice, advertising, ethics and other business issues.

So again, you will  receive an intensive training to be able to resonate to the needs of your clients and to selectively tune your sound offer.

2 contrasting examples from practice – to illustrate the spectrum of your options:

Application of sound massage in the day care centre

(e.g. for teachers or other educational staff):

Experience shows that it is so nice to see when the contact with the singing bowls brings a smile to the lips of the children ... (testimony of a teacher)

(cf .: Singing Bowls - play and learn with all your senses Kösel-Verlag 2008)
Application of sound massage in clinical practice

(e.g. for professionals from healing/medical professions):

Experience shows that patients are more balanced, sleep better, needed less medication, length of stay is shortened and more...

(cf .: Peter Hess-sound methods - in the context of science and research (grm), Peter Hess Publishing, 2010, page 133)

Sound Massage with gong
New Sound Elements


  • Sound elements for energy balance
  • New sound elements for loosening and dissolving of neuromuscular blockages
  • New sound elements for harmonisation
  • Techniques for the shift in focus: away from the problem area through to the healthy
  • Practice and self-awareness of the new sound elements
  • Presentation and application of sound massage accompanying card
  • Create and practice a targeted and custom designed application of sound massage
  • The sound massage experience as a holistic method and make it a clear, integrated and holistic health promotion for body, mind and soul
  • Holistic experiential sound meditation and sound journey
  • Stabilise and harmonise health with sound through the body
  • Strengthening of basic trust as an important basis for working with clients vision for development
  • Sound massage for relaxation, taking account conditions
  • Limits of the  sound massage application
  • Exchange of experiences and reflection

Prerequisite: Level I and Level II

Seminar hours:

This seminar extends over 4 days (32 hours). Times vary, so you will find information about the seminar times and venues in the individual course information.

Please Note: The Practitioner training ends with the Final seminar with supervision. Since in this workshop, we reflect at our own practical experience and that of the other participants, it takes place at least 3 months after completing Level 3 and 4.  Final is usually a weekend course and it consists of 20 lessons.

Attention: Please do not forget: The documentation of three training sound massages must be remitted to the Peter Hess Academy Australia at the latest 14 days before the start of the Final seminar!

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski

Duration: Total of 32 hours

Course fee: A$770.00 (incl. GST)

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