Rio Olympics 2016 – Peter Hess Academy Brasil

Peter Hess Academy – Brazil – Our participation in the Rio Olympics 2016

Hello dear Readers!

It is with great satisfaction we would like to inform you, that Peter Hess Academy Brazil had the privilege of being present at the Rio 2016 Olympics, bringing Relaxation with Singing Bowls and Gongs to athletes from all over the world. Regina Santos of the Peter Hess Academy Brazil as well as practitioners Daniel Mas and Daniel Willmer collaborated in this effort, bringing all our dedication, love and affection.

It was a great gift and a great opportunity to participate in such an enormous event,which included all countries, not only Brazil, and thus be able to promote the Peter Hess method all over the world!

During 12 days in a stunning setting and a wonderful, comfortable and cozy ambience we offered 20 minute Sound Meditation Sessions with Singing Bowls, Gongs and other instruments, that lead to a meditative state, to 260 people (230 of these were top international athletes and/or coaches of various nationalities). All, that had the opportunity of participating, loved the experience. We did not have many places to offer for each session, and more people wanted to participate then we could accommodate. We were overbooked each and everyday. It was a total success, exceeding all our and everyone involved expectations!

Peter Hess Academy Brazil, in the Olympics
Peter Hess Academy Brazil, in the Olympics

For most participants, with the exception of four, it was a totally new experience, and it was very gratifying to see at the end of each session how they were all “captivated”, “glued’ to the futons, their expressions, posture and attitude so absolutely different from when they had arrived. All of them loved it and did not want to awake, some took so long to just get up… We were able to feel the strength of the extreme stress involved in always demanding the maximum performance, to overcome your limitations each time, and pressure they are experiencing to reach their goals: the demand, tension, hours of training, expectancy, illusion… A break was something all said they needed, they had to empty the mind, relax deeply, rebalance their emotions, harmonise. As a result when leaving they told us they were feeling lighter and at peace, but also re-energised. That was our target: besides improving attention, focus, and concentration, reinforcing the self-confidence necessary in such an important moment of their lives.

The majority of people arrived, saying they had to try out Sound Meditation because all of those who had participated spoke wonders about it but at the same time were not able to explain it. The sessions however were so good and they had felt so well after that they indicated them to other athletes.

A few knew about this kind of work back in their own countries, such as Holland, Austria, Hungary, Germany and those who did not know it, when discovering they could find it in their home of adopted countries, said they were going to look it up, since they were wanting to experience this other times. We were not able to openly advertise the Peter Hess Sound Massage, but we always created an opportunity to do so. It was a private project, sponsored by an international enterprise and due to contract reasons, we were not allowed to do any marketing during the event period.

Peter Hess Academy Brazil, Olympics 2016
Peter Hess Academy Brazil, Olympics 2016

We treated some very well known athletes, some medal winners also, two of which had participated in Meditations before their matches. These came back to thank us and to let us know, they believed our work had helped in their results, and wanted to repeat the Meditation.

Phrases we heard continually:

– Awesome! Fantastic!
– Amazing experience!
– Best experience of my life!
– Never tried anything similar!
– Very relaxing…
– Loved it!
– Do I have to get up?
– I don’t want to wake up…
– Can I stay here all day or forever?
– You have to come home with me and stay in my room! – I need this every day!
– You had to be at the Olympic Village!
– etc….

Things we most remember:

  • An enormous Ukrainian athlete who relaxed, fell asleep, and deeply snored;
  • Numerous athletes who did not awake listening to the highest treble sounds;
  • An American who had stared very suspiciously at us when entering the room and was given welcoming sounds for her back health aura, the same athlete smiling and exhilarated when leaving;
  • The big and strong American athletes who had arrived with all their might and energy and how afterwards they were so relaxed they took so long to leave the futons;
  • The Nigerians who left with no words, shook our hands very gratefully, with this incredulous look of what they had just experienced. Recommended Sound Meditation to other two colleagues, who spent all their 10 minutes session time filming in amazement, (coach was in a hurrying to leave, but they did not want to miss the SM experience);
  • Many expressions of gratitude from athletes for receiving so many good vibrations;
  • The appreciation and affectionate expressions of the Brazilian shooting medalist (Silver medal) and his wife. After winning the medal when they returned for a new session they let us know they had researched benefits of Peter Hess’ Sound Massage,(they were enchanted and want to purchase bowls!);
Felipe Wu & Rosane Budag
Felipe Wu & Rosane Budag
  • The wonderful expressions of Portuguese and Brazilians feeling they had received an unexpected gift;
  • Resisting the relaxation of one of the IOC representatives, being in the end overcome by the bowls and awaking very impressed;
  • Another IOC member who came to us with his family, but was not able to participate and was so interested in being introduced to this kind of work and who made many questions;
  • An American who had just arrived from a long air trip and was unable to relax;
  • A sponsor representative relaxing so deeply and snoring, taking more than five minutes to come back to life;
  • A Brazilian who came to the session after loosing his competition and the chance of a medal, and was unable to relax. After the Sound Meditation he told us he kept reviewing the images of his defeat and had been able to understand his mistakes;
  • The Dutch rowing coxswain, golden medalist, who came to thank us after his conquest, bringing his team to have a session;
  • The three people from NBC Channel, very curious and suspicious when entering the room, and at the end, very interested, asking a lot of questions;
  • The indirect benefits in people (who came to our Sound Meditation room) lives;
  • The gratitude of people involved in the project, all confirming that Sound Meditation made all the difference in the project’s conception, contributing immensely to the success reached. All three of us – practitioners, were given the same prizes as the gold medalists.

With this experience we learned and grew both personally and professionally and we are sure that it can be a very important path to benefit (with individual appointments included) this special audience who live under constant stress, in such a need of relaxation. From the positive results of this experience, we foresee the possibility of seeking the Brazilian Olympic Committee and offer a work project of PH Sound Massage. We believe this to be a real possibility for each and every PH Academy. Why not give it a try?

It has been a unique and awesome experience, which has enriched us and we are loving to share it with all of you!

Regina Santos, Daniel Mas and Daniel Willmer Peter Hess Academy Brasil