Peter Hess ® Sound Massage – Supervision

This workshop is only offered to conclude the Practitioner training

Our own practical experience and that of the other participants are reflected on in this seminar. This is again a final assurance in giving sound massage. Special attention during the Final seminar is given to the training of professional self-image as Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner. The demarcation of clients is discussed, boundaries of sound massage and one’s own possibilities determined and the legal framework explained as well as the organisational hints for advertising, acquisition and practice design.

Final seminar takes place at least three months after the training stage – Sound Massage I, II and III + IV or Intensive training and you will need to schedule this in advance.

Seminar hours: As those vary, you will receive precise information on seminar times and the venue with your registration confirmation.

Attention: Please do not forget: The documentation of three training sound massages must be remitted to the Peter Hess Academy Australia at the latest 14 days before the start of the Final seminar!


Graduates of the training are entitled to the following title:

“Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner”

After attending all training seminars and the completion of 3 training sound massage the following logo will also be awarded.


It is a mark of quality and is used for differentiating Peter Hess ® Sound Massage from other sound massage offers.


  • Independent exercise of the sound massage
  • Sound meditations for relaxation and integration of the learning
  • Q & A sessions – have all you practical questions answered, case studies discussed
  • Exchange of experiences and reflection
  • Application possibilities, limitations and contraindications
  • Case based assessment
  • Working with groups, concerts, lectures/workshops
  • How to start/run a sound massage practice

Prerequisite: Level III and IV

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski

Duration: Total of 20 lessons

Course fee: A$450