Peter Hess ® Sound Massage – Level II

From relaxation to new order

The aim of this seminar is:

  • to expand possibilities of the basic sound massage,
  • to learn new sound elements for design of a diverse sound massage experience and mindful use.
  • to train the sensitivity to energetic connections,
  • to refine the perception and
  • to emphasise the awareness and appreciation for this topic and to promote its importance to us.

A key aspect in the context of this holistic method is the “power of consciousness”; the mental focus, and inner attitude (mental images) underlying the actions of the Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner.

Extend your knowledge of the instruments implemented previously, master more sound elements. So that the sound space becomes a more intense experience.

This is an opportunity to learn, using these instruments, to reach the human energy level  and balance techniques for strengthening health in a holistic sense.

Peter Hess Sound Massage
Peter Hess Sound Massage

So far, you’ve worked exclusively with singing bowls. Now you familiarise yourself with the use and effect of Zen bowls and Fen gongs. Seminar contents extend to resonance ability and enable intuitive operation, based on own intensive experience in individual and group situations as well as factual and professional background.

The new aspects and mediated attitude contribute to an emergence of a judgement free framework, possible in the development at all levels. It thus forms an ideal basis for any interpersonal cooperation, which can be tested and practiced in this seminar. Perceive yourself as an energetic system, and become consciously aware of how influences from the outside  can strongly affect your life. By experiencing this very special form of sound massage, strengthen your presence and expand your scope of action in contact with other people and their environment.


  • Ideas about body energy and its importance for the sound work
  • Awareness of your body environment
  • Perception of group energy by common sound
  • Perception of body energy with singing bowls and gongs
  • Special sound massage for balancing and strengthening the body’s energy
  • Insert the new elements in the basic sound massage
  • Advanced Sound massage with the Zen-bowl and the Fen-Gong
  • Guided and independent practice of the new elements
  • Development of a dialogue, creating resonance and non-judgmental attitude towards clients and yourself
  • Sound Meditations for Relaxation and integration of the learning
  • Exchange of experiences and reflection

What to Expect:

The curriculum incorporates the the use of singing bowls and gongs, performing the work in the bio-energetic field. Strengthening health in the holistic sense (as outside, so inside and vice versa).

We will work on massage tables, and on the floor with mats and cushions.

We only use Peter Hess singing bowls and all equipment is available for sale after the course.

Prerequisite: Level I

Seminar hours: The seminars have different start and end times. Information on this and information about the venues can be found on the booking confirmation.

For Practitioner path follow with Peter Hess ® Sound Massage – Level III

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski, Ute Coleman, Bette Rankin and Graham Rankin

Duration: Total of 16 hours

Course fee: 2017 – A$350.00 (incl. GST) and $400.00 from 2018

Upcoming Level II courses:

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