Peter Hess ® Sound Massage – Level I

Strengthen your inner being

Voyage of discovery with sound to your inner depths and possibilities


The (renewed) perception of one’s body, with the (new) resulting mindfulness is a gift to yourself!

To feel that, maybe after a long time, your body breathes again, to perceive your breath as a river that carries your life energy, is a profound experience.

Thereby this seminar might not only be assisting in your recovery, but could also be helping to strengthen your health and prevent burnout.

This seminar is primarily devoted to learning about and experiencing the method and
gives concrete suggestions on how you can use the bowls and the sound massage for yourself, your family and friends.

Peter Hess Sound Massage
Peter Hess Sound Massage

The aim of this seminar is to convey the Peter Hess-Sound Massage as a holistic method and to familiarise participants with basic principles of the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage.

You will have the opportunity to experience the sound massage, receive your first instructions in sound massage application and as a result you will be able to independently perform the sound massage for private use.

In various exercises you will learn the effect of sound. You receive and give an introductory sound massage for:

  • the back
  • feet
  • hands
  • the whole body

This Level is designed for people with interest in sound and sound bowls for your personal use and to share with your friends and family.

After the seminar, you can safely practice at home with your training clients.

So, experience the basic sound massage yourself, receive first instructions for its implementation and give an independent sound massage.

What to Expect:

Lecture, demonstrations, meditations, experiential exercises & verbal sharing,practicing & receiving.

We will use massage tables, and floor mats with cushions in our practice sessions.

We use only Peter Hess singing bowls and all equipment is available for sale after our seminars.

Prerequisite: none


  • Sound ways of getting in touch with your clients
  • History of sound massage
  • Effect of the sounds of the singing bowls experience on the body
  • Report from the seminar leaders about their own experiences with sound and sound massage
  • Different characteristics of singing bowls with the corresponding mallets for the basic sound massage; get to know (set of 3) use of the various mallets
  • Demonstration of the basic sound massage
  • Supervised exercise of the basic sound massage in groups of two
  • Independent exercise of the basic sound massage
  • Sound meditations for relaxation and integration of the learning
  • Learn to adapt the basic sound massage to the needs of the client
  • Exchange of experiences and reflection
  • Application possibilities, limitations and contraindications

Attention: This seminar is a prerequisite for ALL further training

Seminar hours: The seminars have different start and end times. Information on this and information about the venues can be found on the booking confirmation.

For the Practitioner path, follow with Peter Hess Sound Massage – Level II

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski, Ute Coleman

Duration: Total of 16 lessons

Course fee: A$440.00

Upcoming Level I courses:

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