Peter Hess ® Sound Massage – Intensive

With the intensive training we come to meet the needs of those interested people who have far to travel or any other reason find it difficult to participate in the individual workshops. The experience with this compact form of training has shown us that this form allows for a particularly effective learning.

The course contents correspond to the seminars Sound Massage Level I, Level II and Level III and IV (please check contents and curriculum of Levels I to IV). The focus of the following Final seminar with supervision, held usually at least three months after the intensive week, are the practical experiences of the participants and the joint development of problem solving. After completion of the training, that is, at the end of the Final Supervision workshop, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification, the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Practitioner.

Prerequisite: none

Seminar hours: The intensive (seven day) courses usually start on day one at 9:30 am ending day seven at 5.30 pm. Information on this and information about the venues can be found in the individual course information.

see Level I to IV

Attention: Please do not forget: The documentation of three training sound massages must be remitted to the Peter Hess Academy Australia at the latest 14 days before the start of the Final seminar!

Please find information about Supervision seminar here.

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski

Duration: Total of 64 lessons

Course fee: A$1,300.00

Upcoming Intensive courses:

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