Meditation event – Mindful Women

Here, Bette Rankin, who provided the sound meditation at the event is reflecting on her first event.

When Emma Stirling called me just after Christmas last year, and said she had come to one of our first Sound Baths at Qi Crystals in 2016, I cast my mind back and could remember her and partner Anthony attending. She went on to say that she loved the Sound Bath so much, she wanted to know if Resonate Sound Massage would offer a Sound Bath to a large group of women for a mass meditation event on 16 February 2017.

I immediately accepted the invitation, feeling excited to be possibly part of a series of events in Melbourne called Mindful Women, held at the National Gallery of Victoria (a venue that I hold close to my heart as I have loved art from a small child). I had to ask the obvious question- was Graham going to be able to play with me? The answer was anticipated by me before I asked it:  Its for women-only. I had to go it alone.

Emma said she imagined me being on stage with my instruments before anyone enters the auditorium, and to play the singing bowls and gong for about 15 minutes while people enter and find their seat.  She added that she would like me to also close the event with some sound also.

Well the date came upon us rather quickly. It was finally here! I had picked the outfit, re-packed the bowls into road cases, memorised the running sheet. Graham and I headed into town on one of Melbourne’s warm summer nights, the city buzzing with summer festivals and White Night preparations. We set up, did sound check and then the nerves calmed. I was ready.

Given the signal, off I went.  I started with the bowls, but after a while, I decided to hit the large fen gong. There was immediate SILENCE! I could hardly believe it!  I played on  for another 20 minutes or so. Then I joined the audience to partake in the meditations.

I returned to the stage to close the event, and felt so much gratitude for being there, and hoped that people enjoyed the night. As soon as I had finished, a number of women rushed to the stage and demanded to talk with me. Some were interested in certain instruments, others wanted to know more about Sound Massage (as I know exactly how to weave it into any conversation!) Another woman with a note pad invited me to go on her radio show. ABC radio, my beloved station.

It was over, and time to load out.


And here is Bette’s second adventure at the Mindful Women meditation:

The Mindful Women mass meditations were created by Emma Stirling last summer. The first one was held at the National Gallery of Victoria in February. It was a great night. So great that Emma decided to have a second one in April. There were three of us offering different types of meditations. Guided, visualisation and sound. About 225 women attended. It was quite amazing to see so many women gathering together for the sake of meditation.

In April the second Mindful Women was held. This time the venue was Federation Square, in the Deakin Edge theatre. If you haven’t been to this venue before, it is open, bright and spectacularly designed. The back ‘wall’ is made of glass, so the audience can see the Yarra river that runs behind the theatre. The night was clear and warm, and the vibe was positive. The lighting was purple and pink and there was enough room at the front of the chairs for people to bring their yoga mats if they wanted to lie down.

It was the same line up as the first one, and I started. The theme was ‘Connection’ so I started with talking about the benefits of mass meditation, followed by what a Sound Bath is. I then did a toning exercise with the women using the Shruti Box, toning ‘AH’ and spreading love and compassion to any women that they know, including themselves, that might be isolated. We did this for 5 minutes. Although I was on the stage, I could hear the sound of hundreds of women toning, it was magical!

Then I finished with a 15 minute Sound Bath. I had my Peter Hess singing bowls, the large fen gong, smaller singing bowls, crystal bowls, the monochord and some Koshi chimes.

I absolutely loved being able to offer sound in this way to many women who have never experienced it before. It was the perfect start to a wonderful night of meditation.

A third Mindful Women has been booked for July 27, and there are tickets still available. The theme is ‘Gratitude & Abundance’. Bookings are online on the Mindful Women Facebook page.

Bette Rankin

Resonate Sound Massage


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