Melbourne Gong Puja

In the evening, 19th day of May 2017, the sound proofed hall in Balaclava St, Caulfield witnessed twenty people gathering  for an unforgettable, transformational sound experience. The Peter Hess Academy Practitioners – Bette and Graham, Alex, Janusz, Ute, Anita and Corrine assembled their gongs, singing bowls and other instruments and provided ALL NIGHT sound bath as our audience slept comfortably.

Gong puja – May 2017

The night commenced at 9:30pm when the door opened for the sound aficionados to come in and settle for the night. Then after brief introductions, the sound bath commenced, gongs and sound bowls were played in a calming and peaceful  manner by one or two players at the time. Crisp yet soothing sound of the monocord announced the end of the session and Koshi chimes gently welcomed people into a new day. The nigh session concluded with sharing followed by sounding of the OM and all was over so quickly by 7am.

Here is what some of our audience have to say about this rare experience:

Thank you for the experience it was amazing and I would love information for future Gong Puja events.
After the session I was uplifted, energised and excited about the future. Although I did come down from that high! Lol
This sickness I have had for weeks now, all began to come off my chest. I put myself to bed for a few days, drinking loads of water. I could finally feel that my body was releasing all the toxins (I felt like shit) I knew I was getting better though. 
Now I feel amazing, up early every day, I haven't missed a day of work and I still have energy left after each day.
Best $100 I ever spent.
Thank you so much
Dear Graham and Bette… and magnificent Gong Puja crew!
I was talking with someone today about my experience last Friday night and felt such joy in recounting the event. I will sign up again without doubt! just as I signed when I first saw your advertisement. I just knew it was something that I needed to attend.
I was amazed at my responses during the session. I had great surround sound where I was situated! But for all the distractions I was immersed in the experience. There was such a sense of love that came from all of you and deep respect for each of us participants.
I have continued to enjoy these thoughts and feelings this week. I think that I am still re calibrating; so much more relaxed and accepting
Thank you so much for offering this experience….I know it takes a lot of organisation to get something like this together and appreciate your efforts ….. more please!
Gong puja – May 2017

Summing-up, it was an overall great experience for all participants, and hopefully we will be fortunate enough to experience many more.

If you are interested in having this experience, watch this space or contact Bette and Graham directly at