Sound Massage with Children

Awakening all senses in children

In order to understand the world, we must first be able to experience it with all our senses. That is the essence of our humanity!

As children learn more and more through screen use from televisions, computers, Ipads and the like, holistic experiences have become rare, but these holistic experiences are the basis of a healthy childhood.

Children need versatile sensory experiences to train the brain’s processing. With the Singing Bowls we will touch and stimulate all senses.

Concept: Emily Hess and Anna Avramidou

Prerequisite: Sound massage I

Recognised for: KliK® Expert, KliK® Practitioner

Seminar leader: Ute Coleman

Extent: 16 hours

Seminar time: Please refer to the seminar times of the registration confirmation.

Course fee:  $450.00

Comment: We encourage you to participate in the workshop “Singing Bowls – Playing and Learning with all Senses” before doing this seminar.


  • Introducing Singing Bowls to children
  • Learning easy-to-use, playful Sound Massage techniques for children
  • Awakening all senses in children with the help of Singing Bowls
  • Relaxing children senses with fantasy journeys, meditations and Sound Massage