Individual Sound Massage

Effortless, confident and safe design – mastering your skills 


This expanded, advanced seminar is aimed at Peter Hess sound massage practitioners with little practical experience and for those already trained and practicing, who want to have more time in order to broaden what they have learned previously.

Designing individual sound massage
Designing individual sound massage

Who has no desire to give first-class and versatile sound massage, which he or she is good at and which promotes support of the client in a secure space? The skilful creativity needed in order to achieve this goal, often does not unfold naturally, because after training in sound massage, practitioners need a lot of practice to safely implement what they have learned. Experience shows however, that long-term practitioners use little or none of the effective elements in modification of the basic sound massage. It does make sense, therefore, to lay the foundation for good individual support.

Advanced training
Advanced training

This seminar is aimed at both those who wish to obtain professional security to integrate the sound massage into their practice or career field, as well as to all experienced practitioners who wish to update their knowledge about the sound massage or want to recognise any application variations that could have crept in during their own practice.

For a responsible, targeted and secure application of the “individual Peter Hess-sound massage” it is essential to know how and why elements are added or omitted deliberately.

Many options to choose from
Many options to choose from

This workshop provides a reflective practice space, which effectively complement the training in sound massage. During this weekend, the individual and safe monitoring of clients is practiced on many case studies. It shows how the basic sound massage can be optimally combined with the acquired additional sound elements for solution and resource-oriented response to the individual needs of the clients. There is also sufficient scope to answer any issues incurred before the training, in professional and collegial framework and to relax in available sound spaces.


  • Learn to adapt the sound massage to the individual needs of the client
  • Sound journey for relaxation and integration of the learning
  • Joint and independent planning of individual sound massage
  • Experience and perform sound massage for individual needs – case studies
  • Discuss all learned elements from SM 1-4 and application, additional possibilities
  • New tools for Sound Massage design – planning cards, sheets
  • Case based assessment

Prerequisite: Level IV in Peter Hess-Sound Massage and Final seminar with supervision.

Seminar hours: vary depending on the venue

Lecturer: Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski

Duration: 22 lessons

Course fee: A$470.00