How can we use the Sound Massage?

Peter Hess® Sound massage therapy is very well suited for private as well as professional application.

Private use: Here the emphasis is on relaxation and well-being. This can be attained by self-application or by sound massage in a circle of family or friends.

Wellness and cosmetics: Inner calm, self-confidence, and health are the main factors determining a person’s appearance. Sound massage achieves well-being and beauty that comes from within.

Sound massage in care centre
Sound massage in care centre

Massage and physiotherapy: Application of sound massage is also possible with acute physical problems. Blockages can be perceived consciously. Moreover, interrelated events that caused these symptoms can be identified. The patient experiences sound massage as very agreeable and gentle.

Medicine (practiced by medical professionals): By way of it’s relaxing and painrelieving effect sound massage can support medical treatment, for instance in cases such as damaged discs, abdominal, digestive, and heart problems, painful joints and bad circulation, as well as many other health problems. It can create a relaxed, open and co-operative atmosphere for doctor-patient talks. (See Sound Massage in Therapeutic practice)

Therapy and psychotherapy (practiced by qualified therapists): In this wide area of application, sound massage has proven to be an excellent method to deeply relax clients in a very short time. Subsequently from within this deep relaxation, a respective therapeutic process can begin.

Primary school year one sound workshop
Primary school year one sound workshop

Other areas of employment (practiced by qualified experts): obstetrics, nurseries and schools, retirement and nursing homes, working with handicapped people, speech therapy, care of the dying.

The most important effects of sound massage

  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to the person’s original trust
  • Gentle massage and harmonisation of each individual body cell through sound
  • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body
  • The client experiences her or his body to be pleasantly light and freely vibrating
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces
  • Positively impact our self-confidence, creativity and productive energy
  • Attain renewed joy of life
  • Relinquish old patterns – a new order can evolve


What is a sound massage?

The human image and approach of Peter Hess sound massage.

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