Frequently asked questions..

 1. I already work with the singing bowls, (have been to Nepal, India, etc.), may I join your classes at the advanced level?

The Peter Hess sound massage is a particular method of working with sound and singing bowls. It is thaught in Peter Hess Academies around the world according to the same methodology. All advanced levels build upon the knowledge acquired in the Level 1. So unless you have already completed a Level 1, for example in another country, we will welcome you in Level 1 in Australia.


2. Do I have to buy your bowls when I join your classes?

All Peter Hess courses are conducted using Peter Hess Therapy quality singing bowls. We provide those for your convenience. You are under no obligation to purchase anything at all in our classes, although the bowls and other equipment are available for purchase at the end of each workshop.


3. I already have a set of bowls, may I bring it to the classes?

You may indeed bring your precious to the workshop. Even though we use exclusively Peter Hess Therapy quality singing bowls in our classes, you are most welcome to bring your own  to show them to us and others.


4. Can I do the sound massage with just one bowl?

Yes, you can. If you intend to do the sound massage for yourself or your family and friends, one good quality bowl is all you need. We usually recommend the Universal bowl with two different mallets. However if you are planning to do the sound massage in professional environment, the we recommend a set of Peter Hess Therapy Quality singing bowls with a set of mallets. You will learn basics about the bowls in our Level 1 course. View our calendar for the next class near you.


5. Can I tune my bowls?

The metal singing bowls are hand made by beating the heated metal into a shape. For many reasons, the combination of shape, metal composition and thickness of the metal, brings on the particular combination of sound, unique to each bowl. If you were persistent enough, you could, using the hammer, change the sound inherent to each bowl. However, there is no possibility to control the outcome, so we don’t do it. Easier way is to choose the bowl with the sound you may like to start with. Each bowl has many tones and intervals, so looking for particular sound may be difficult. To deepen your knowledge about the bowls, we invite you to our Level 1 workshop to start with.


6. How to choose many bowls or the bowl set? What makes the set? How many bowls do I need?

The basic set of singing bowls for professional are the three bowls, Universal, Heart and Pelvic bowls. Complete with set of mallets, it will be sufficient in most circumstances. Having said that, if you only intend to use the bowls in your home setting, then minimum of one bowl with two different size mallets is sufficient.


7. How do I choose the bowl with the right tuning?

Peter Hess Therapy Singing Bowls
Peter Hess Therapy Singing Bowls

The metal singing bowls can’t be tuned. There are usually few (three to five) predominant sounds in the bowl, forming so called harmony, particular to that bowl. Harmony always sounds pleasant and complete. Disharmony leaves you feeling agitated. So, strike the bowl you are deciding on gently (with soft mallet or your fingers) and listen. If you like the sounds, it is your bowl. Simple.


The best way to learn more about the singing bowls and to gain experience in using them, is to join our Level I course.

Having said that, if you need a particular sounding bowl to complete your set. Let us know and we will make sure you get it. Check out our store.


8. Do I need to clean my singing bowls?

Peter Hess Therapy Singing Bowls
Peter Hess Therapy Singing Bowls

Yes if you want them nice and shiny. On the other hand if you like them with patina, it’s ok as well. If you are using them with people in nursing homes or hospital, clean and disinfect frequently. Read this for guidance.



9. Do I use a rubbing stick or a mallet?

Peter Hess Therapy bowl with mallets
Peter Hess Therapy bowl with mallets

There are two ways of playing the singing bowl. One is to gently strike the rim of the bowl with felt tipped mallet. This releases a complex, overtone rich yet very gentle and pleasant sound and vibration which expire slowly modifying its acoustic characteristics. We use this method in sound massage therapy.

Another method is to rub the rim of the bowl with wood or leather clad rubbing stick. This generates exceptional, prolonged, modulated sound which can be used in a group session or a concert due to the intensity.


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