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Peter Hess Academy Australia (PHAA) along with Maranta Sound Academy was founded in 2010 in Perth (WA). Since then we educated hundreds of people around Australia in the Sound Massage therapy and relaxation according to Peter Hess method. A holistic, positive outlook, respect for one’s individuality and resources, as well as a high professional standards are our guiding principles in variety of our basic and advanced training courses aimed at all interested, including those already working in the therapeutic, medical or social fields. We, the Peter Hess Academy Australia, offer first in Australia structured learning, based on over 40 years of practice and experience of hundreds of Practitioners around the world, using singing bowls and other instruments.

Peter Hess Academy Australia (PHAA) is closely associated with the Peter Hess Institute (PHI), a multinational organisation based in Germany, devoted to research, teaching and promotion of Peter Hess methods of work with sound and sound massage therapy. Peter Hess methods are practiced by thousands of Practitioners and the Institute and Academies from around the world educate several thousand people every year.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage, a unique method of working with sound and vibrations, is based on the Eastern knowledge and tradition and developed completely for the Western world. The Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from the singing bowls and gongs applied to the body in a direct way (placed on a dressed body) or indirectly (in bioenergetic field). As a result of that treatment, inner harmony and balance is restored through deep relaxation process and brain synchronisation.

The learning and self-development, professionalism and humour, individuality and mindfulness, respect and social responsibility are our key concepts. Our courses are aimed at both businesses and individuals, and Peter Hess Academy Australia is an open meeting place for all who seek personal and professional education or training as well as those who want to recharge in an inspiring and innovative way. Our teaching has always body, mind and soul as the focal point. We aim at a balance between experience and theory, professional training and personal benefit.

Janusz and Alex at Uluru | Peter Hess Academy Australia
Janusz and Alex at Uluru

Peter Hess Academy Australia is led by Alex Andrzejewski & Janusz Urzykowski who also teach most of the courses, in company of other qualified, talented and enthusiastic teachers. In addition to the activities going on at PHAA in Western Australia (Margaret River and Perth), we conduct a number of courses in the Victoria’s Melbourne and Macedon area as well as in New South Wales, Sydney and Blue Mountains. We also organise tailor-made courses and seminars, staff days for institutions and businesses.

We carefully select our seminar locations in major centres in Australia, where we can provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere for your personal experience with the sound massage therapy and the opportunity for intensive exchange with other participants.

IICT Approved Training Provider
IICT Approved Training Provider

In 2011 Peter Hess Academy Australia received an Approved Training Provider status and have registered the modality of Peter Hess ® Sound Massage with an International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Our Practitioners are recognised by this organisation and in consequence they can access professional insurance.

Furthermore, we offer you a wide range of the singing bowls, gongs and other acoustic instruments and accessories. Should you wish to choose your singing bowls here, we can provide guidance and assist with our knowledge and experience.

Our students come from all parts of Australia and New Zealand (also Europe and Asia) and have variety of different backgrounds.  All are equally welcome.

Come if you want. Come as you are. We do what we do because we enjoy it, and we will meet you for who we are.

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Alex and Janusz

For the first contact with the Peter Hess-sound massage, we recommend that you participate in an introductory lecture or the introductory seminar (Sound Massage I).

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